Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bedroom, Bathroom, Dressing and Woking Areas on 23 Square Meters

Red Nest is an unique project to provide a 23 square meter space with a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing and a working areas. The architect Paul Coudamy is known for his practical solutions for small spaces and this one is one of the latest ones. The booshelf is a mobile block that enables to control the opening of the bed. Its U-shape covers the bed and shapes the room by closing the dressing, the bed or the working space. The bathroom is covered with resinated concrete and the restroom is hidden behind the doors of a fake vintage wardrobe. Thanks to two-way mirror above the basin the intimacy between the bathtub and the rest is possible. Besides being practical the installation is also very stylish. It’s painted in glossy red that constants with the matt white walls very well.

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