Thursday, October 28, 2010

Contemporary Indoor Ponds for Fishes and Plants

Domestic ponds is the project by Duende Studio with Mathieu Lehanneur, Benjamin Graindorge and Eric Jourdan at the Galerie BSL which combines an aquarium with living indoor garden in one piece of contemporary interior decor. The aquarium is turned into a pond that permits a minimal maintenance and is a perfect ecosystem for hydroponic agriculture. The collection consists of three different indoor pond models adaptable to any contemporary interior. The Liquid Garden by Benjamin Graindorge is a combination of colorful blown-glass aquarium and several vases. The Fontane by Galerie BSL is a combination of the aquarium, sand filter and plant pot. Water is circulating through all of them. The Castle by Eric Jourdan looks much more like a domestic pond than others. This water feature looks like a lake because it hasn’t a panoramic screen like others do.

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