Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Contemporary House on Footprint of Pre-Existing Bungalow – Ravine House by KPMB

Ravine House is located in Rosedale at the edge of one of Toronto’s oldest forest ravine systems and just northeast of downtown. It presents itself as a contemporary building built on footprint of pre-existing 1950s bungalow. The site is about half of acre but the house occupies only small part of it. Although it’s designed to accommodate a family with six children and host a range of business and cultural events. It consists of pair of two-storey masonry volumes intersected by a single-storey pavilion. They form an L-shaped courtyard with great views of surroundings. The house is separated in four zones to allow independent control and lower energy usage when certain areas are not in use. A ground source heat pump system keeps energy consumption low and absorbs all mechanical sounds, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere of the house.

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